Fall Real Estate Market Update – South Washington County Homes For Sale

Winter is here in South Washington County and the real estate market is only noticing the season change a little bit! The weather might be getting colder, but the real estate market is only seeing a slight shift in temps. The MAX Team is here to tell you what to expect for the remainder of the Fall and upcoming Winter months.

The MAX Team focuses on South Washington County in Minnesota, specifically Woodbury, Cottage Grove, and Lake Elmo. Each month, the team diligently observes the real estate market trends, number of homes for sale in Woodbury, Lake Elmo, Cottage Grove, and surrounding cities. After observing trends and gathering data, the team presents a monthly real estate market update for their past, current, and potential clients. As a real estate team, The MAX team thinks it is extremely important clients stay informed of trends, pricing changes, interest rates, etc.

This Fall, Minnesota’s South Washington County real estate market is seeing a handful of new construction sales! What does this mean? The real estate market needs more resale properties! As a homeowner, this means the market needs more homes like yours for sale! The buyer’s demand is still high, but there are not enough resale homes available. This is why we see so many new construction projects being built in South Washington County. Although we are coming into the Winter months, buyers are still demanding for homes for sale in Washington County.

A breakdown of Real Estate Trends in South Washington County:

Woodbury Homes For Sale:
– 302 Active Properties For Sale
– 128 are New Construction
– 176 Pending Sales (71 of which are New Constriction homes)

Cottage Grove
– 140 Active Properties For Sale
– 77 are New Construction
– 84 Pending Sales (53 of which are New Construction homes)

Lake Elmo
– 126 Active Properties For Sale
– 89 are New Construction
– 28 Pending (18 of which are New Construction homes)

Overall, what we see is a demand in the market for more resale homes. Despite moving into the Winter months, the real estate market in South Washington County (Woodbury, Cottage Grove, and Lake Elmo) is still a seller’s market. The buyer’s demand is still high, as these areas continue to grow and become more saturated.

If you are curious about the real estate market in your neighborhood, please call or email us. The MAX Team is thrilled to help you understand the real estate market around your home.
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