Is Your Realtor Marketing Your Property Effectively?

Is Your Realtor Marketing Your Property Effectively?

When shopping around for a realtor, have you asked them, “How will you market my home?” It’s unfortunate, but more often than not, most realtors will only list off a few generic ways they will market the property. Although these methods may be considered “the norm,” there are MANY  more marketing methods to be utilized.

The MAX Team places enormous importance on marketing your home in a way that will create the most friction in the real estate market. Ultimately, attracting the most buyers possible! Now, you may be wondering, “How will they do it any differently than other realtors?” Well, let us tell you!

  • First and foremost, we hire a professional photographer for photos of the home as well as a drone photographer for aerial  photos of the real estate.
  • Second, we focus on video. Videos create the biggest waves on social media. Not only will we create a video specific to your listing, we also showcase it in our own words with excitement and detailed information on reasons why someone should buy your property!
  • Thirdly, video doesn’t stop there. Social Media Marketing is crucial in the current real estate market. There are currently MORE BUYERS THAN SELLERS! Can you believe that?! This means, buyers are hungry and properties are selling quick. We want that to be your property! So, not only do we market the video showcasing your property and the listing photography, but we also create Social Media Ads that are shown on both Facebook and Instagram. These ads have potential to reach 30,000+ potential buyers in the Twin Cities Metropolis. Talk about effective.
  • Fourthly, we create glossy, 8.5×11 mailers showcasing your property’s details, photography, sale price, and more. These are then mailed out to a strategic, geographic radius appropriate for the best selling potential.

Hire a realtor with your best interest at heart. Call The MAX Team for more information on how we can help your property sell.

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