New Construction: Why You Need A Realtor

This Spring, we wanted to bring you a series that will genuinely help you navigate the lack of listings in the South Washington County area. There aren’t a lot of previously owned homes on the market, but there is a large number of new construction homes. Sometimes buyers think they will save money by opting to NOT use a realtor with their purchase when its new construction. This is not true. Learn why this is a false assumption and why hiring a realtor is the best choice you can make when navigating a new construction purchase by following our new series that focuses on #newconstruction.

  1. We sit down with you and have a discussion about the lifestyle you’re looking for in your new home. Watch our video to find out the things you should consider.
  2. Next, we will help you search for the lots that are available in the areas you’re looking
  3. Once we’ve decided on an area, we research which builders are allowed to build in these areas
  4. After that, we begin writing the purchase agreement! This is the exciting part. There is A LOT to go over when buying a new construction home.
  5. Finally, let’s talk about product knowledge! Product knowledge means understanding the prices of the amenities and appliances you choose to put inside your home. If you don’t have a professional helping you navigate this, it can be very hard to stay within budget. Trust an experienced professional to help guide you through this.
Why Your Need A Realtor for New Construction
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