Holiday Festivities in the Twin Cities

Are you feeling stuck on what to do on these cold Minnesota days? The MAX Team has your back! We understand how hard it is to have the ambition to go outside when the temps are nearing zero. BUT, have no fear. We specialize in Washington County, but we have searched the entire Twin Cities … Continued

Woodbury Real Estate- How to Sell Your Home Like A Pro

It’s no secret that selling your home can be stressful. Between preparation of your home, choosing to hire a realtor or doing it yourself, and going through the sales process and negotiation, it’s hard to remember what you should focus on. In Minnesota’s real estate market, Woodbury, Cottage Grove, Lake Elmo, and surrounding areas, the … Continued

Summer Real Estate Market- Now is Time to Sell!

  The Spring market has treated our sellers well, and we can’t wait to see what the Summer market has in store. May kicked us off to a great start. There are a lot of buyers, but not a lot of sellers in the marketplace. What does this mean for you, as a seller? It … Continued

Is Your Realtor Marketing Your Property Effectively?

When shopping around for a realtor, have you asked them, “How will you market my home?” It’s unfortunate, but more often than not, most realtors will only list off a few generic ways they will market the property. Although these methods may be considered “the norm,” there are MANY  more marketing methods to be utilized. The … Continued

5 Ways To Throw A Memorable Open House in South Washington County

Some people will tell you that open houses don’t really work anymore. But they do – if done right. A memorable open house can be a highly effective marketing tool if it is top notch and, well, memorable. The idea is to fill your home with genuinely interested potential buyers – not just tire kickers … Continued

How To Stage Your House To Get People To Buy in South Washington County

Knowing how to stage your house to get people to buy in South Washington County is one of the key ingredients in selling your house quicker and at a better price. Staging involves strategically arranging décor and furnishings to make your house look it’s absolute best and showcase the best features. It may even involve renting décor … Continued